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A Dive into Bordeaux

Event Description

7th, 14th & 20th


3 x 2 hours


Our Bordeaux masterclass is a relaxed course broken down into 3x2 hour sessions where you will delve into the production of various styles of wine produced in one of the most famous, and biggest fine wine regions in the world.  


Students will taste six wines along with their tutor each week. Eighteen (18) wines will be tasted during the course.

Session 1 - Thursday 7th March
Focuses on white wine and the overall red wine production of the region.

Session 2 - Thursday 14th March
Delves into deeper details and focuses on left bank cabernet blends and finishes on a sweet note in Sauternes.

Session 3 - Wednesday 20th March
The final session delves into right bank merlot blends and focused on the various classifications of the region and the business model with investment advice.


This short course was developed by Daniel Airoldi DipWSET, who is native to the Bordeaux region. Daniel has gained a reputation as a Bordeaux specialist in Australia over the past decade and has recently come back from working vintage there.


Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for members of the hospitality, retail wine industry and wine hobbyists who wish to gain an understanding of the wines of Bordeaux.

What you will learn:

  • discuss Bordeaux wine styles and major sub regions.

  • review the history of Bordeaux wines and its classification systems

  • describe 6 key styles of Bordeaux wines using sensory evaluation techniques

  • describe the basic label information and terms found on Bordeaux wine labels

  • recommend wine and food matches to the wines tasted


Your Educator: Daniel Airoldi

Daniel Airoldi DipWSET was born in Nérac in South West France before his parents moved to Bordeaux, to the town of Blaye, before moving to the famous Pessac district a few years later. 

Daniel’s has been a wine professional since 2010 following a fifteen year career in hospitality that saw him hone his skills as a chef in some of Europe's most famous restaurants. He now regularly lectures for Sydney Wine Academy and is an accomplished author for the likes of Gourmet Traveler Wine Magazine and Jane Ansons famous Inside Bordeaux. He is also a member of the Commanderie de Bordeaux, the Commanderie du Bontemps and the Académie du Vi n de Bordeaux. Daniel is now a Stage 2 Master of Wine student, and continues to live and work in Melbourne.​

Sneak peak of some of the wines:*

  • Chateau Latout Martillac

  • Chateau Doisy Daene

  • Chateau Tronquoy Lalande

  • Chateau La Fleur Peyrabon

  • Chateau Blanzac

  • Chateau Prieure-Lichine

  • Chateau Teynac

  • Chateau Tour St-Bonnet

Note - due to stock or vintage changes some wines may be substituted. This list is indicative of what may be on offer*

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