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Wine Grapes of the World

Melbourne Wine School is happy to bring you a range of tastings that will explore many classic grape varieties found throughout the world all of which are made in a vast array of styles.

These tastings place are designed to be relaxing and easy going whilst sampling different wines side-by-side, guided by a friendly(ish) M.W.S expert. You will begin to learn what you like and why and learn more about these varieties by exploring their various styles from different countries and their wine regions.

Grapevine tastings are run in an easy to understand format and run for 1.5-2 hours on a single weekday evening. See below for our range of tastings, or head over to course bookings to reserve your place on our next evening!

Riesling - Sauvignon Blanc - Gruner Veltliner

Grenache - Nebbiolo- Cabernet Sauvignon

Syrah - Riesling - Sangiovese
Chenin - Cabernet - Sauvignon
Gruner - Grenache
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