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Syrah .....Blind

Event Description

October 5th


1.5 hours


Syrah is a remarkable red grape variety. Hailing from the Rhone, Syrah' popularity has meant that there are plantings all over the world. Also known as Shiraz, this is an iconic red grape variety found all throughout the world.


So if you think you know your Syrah's from your Shiraz's, can you tell your Hermitage from your Barossa or perhaps some of the famous blends from the Southern French appellations? Join our Melbourne Wine School for this tasting of nine wonderful wines made from Syrah, from around the world and all shown completely blind.

Of course you should expect something from the Rhone hidden amongst some special wines from the likes of New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Chile and perhaps the USA. We’ll kick off the evening with a glass of 'something special', and we'll reveal the wines at the end – no doubt minds will be blown and a few tears shed!

You’ll enjoy these fantastic wines alongside some regional cheese and charcuterie. This is an unmissable tasting for any Syrah lovers out there!

Tasting level

Intermediate: An in-depth exploration of a particular topic. Some prior knowledge is beneficial – such as a WSET Level 2 qualification – but these sessions will be enjoyable and educational for anyone with an interest in the subject.

Please note: The wine list and speaker/s may be subject to change

No example or possible wine lists will be offered before attending these tastings...

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