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Try our flashcards and test your learning

It's important to note that these are our questions and are not WSET exam questions.
They are designed to accompany your WSET course as a study aid by breaking up the  material into bite size pieces.

Wine Bottles

Flashcards - Labelling Terms

22 Cards

This deck covers some expected Level 2 labelling terms.

Flashcards - Grape-Growing

51 Cards

This deck covers various viticulture & grape growing elements found throughout the world.

Green Grapes

Flashcards - White, Rosé & Sweet Winemaking

42 Cards

This deck covers white, rosé & sweet winemaking.

Flashcards - Red Winemaking

35 Cards

This deck covers elements of red winemaking.

Red Wine
White Wine

Flashcards - Fortified Wines

35 Cards

This deck covers fortified wines.

Flashcards - Sparkling Wines

51 Cards

This deck covers elements of sparkling wines.

Champagne Foam
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