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Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs

At Melbourne Wine School, we believe that every motivated and engaged student should have access to high quality, professional education and training in their field.

Since our inception, we have been providing financial aid programs in the form of educational scholarships and internships to worthy students in the wine and hospitality trade. We are thrilled to be able to support the next generation of industry leaders.

Scholarship Applications

We're striving to help every professional in need meet their educational goals.

Melbourne Wine School Scholarship Education Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications year round for any WSET program offered at Melbourne Wine School!


Wine and hospitality professionals may qualify for 50-75% of tuition support.

Full coverage may be granted in extreme cases of economic hardship.

Support the Cause

Make a Private Donation


We encourage anyone to support the next generation of wine professionals by making a donation to Melbourne Wine School!


"It's not just the money... It was also the gesture, the possibility, the kindness. I am so grateful for this opportunity & I just wanted to say Thank You."

- Jamie Apuna, 2020 Scholarship Recipient

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