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Champagne Foam


Event Description



1.5 hours


The champagne process was an evolutionary one not a revolutionary one. Find out how the method developed from an inexpert and uncontrolled phenomenon to the precise and polished process of today. Learn why Champagne is unique among the world's sparkling wine producing regions and why it has become the world-class luxury good that it is. This week explores the in-depth history, geography, climate and wines of Champagne, the world's most famous sparkling wine region, and northernmost fine wine region of France.

Wines on Tasting:*

  • Coteaux Champenois

  • Rose de Ricey's

  • Rose

  • Brut Nature

  • Blanc de Blanc

  • NV

  • Vintage

  • Demi Sec

  • Doux

Note - due to stock or vintage changes some wines may be substituted. This list is indicative of what may be on offer*

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